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The Battle over the Chinese (aka Asian Lunar) New Year

February 16, 2010

This political correctness is getting a bit out of hand. “The people of Asia”, “Americans of Asian descent”? Actually most Asian countries do not celebrate the Chinese/Lunar New Year. The wealthiest Asian Americans (actually the wealthiest of all Americans as an ethnic group), Indian Americans certainly do not celebrate it. So how did the Chinese New Year become this funny thing called “Asian Lunar New Year”?


Why can’t the Chinese and the Koreans get along? First it was China’s rejoicing/humiliating win over SK at the East Asian Championship which triggered heated spats on the Internet; then the altercation in Vancouver involving the two short-track  powerhouses, now the battle over the Lunar New Year? For the Nth time I ask, when will these Chinese and South Korean children grow up?

That’s probably what Obama was thinking when he sat down to do this:

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  1. adamcathcart permalink
    February 21, 2010 8:41 pm

    Got to agree — this is one of the more nonsensical Sino-Korean threads of 2010 so far. Got also to wonder how the White House discussed the issue. Huanqiu Shibao picked this story up as well.

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