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Once again some people should just shut up and grow up!

January 14, 2010

(1) Some Chinese netizens lashed out at Zhang Lei, a Yale business school grad and the founder/managing partner of Hillhouse Capital Management for donating over $8 million USD to his alma mater. They were upset that Zhang, a Chinese citizen and a graduate of Beijing’s renowned Renmin University, did not give the money to RenDa or a Chinese institution where $8 million will go a long way.  Some even went as far as to call him a “traitor”. Come on, have some senses people! It is his money and he can and should totally spend it as he wishes. He did not sell out Chinese interests (how can an individual not affiliated with the government ever be called a “traitor/sell-out” is completely beyond me).  What does he have to sell? Gosh. Shut up and grow up please!

(2) Danny Ayalon, the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister summoned the Turkish ambassador to protest a Turkish TV show that allegedly depicts Israeli agents kidnapping babies and shooting elderly civilians. Not to mention the act itself is so pathetic (Come on, should the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister summon the American ambassador to protest the thriller TV show “24” which painted Chinese diplomats and the Chinese government at large as a bunch of mafia-like assholes?), to make things worse Ayalon ignored all diplomatic protocols and etiquette, he refused the Turkish ambassador a handshake and had the man sit on a sofa lower than his and he was childish enough to proudly declare “we just want it to be seen that he is seated below us and that there is only one flag here”. What a jerk.  I agree 100% that Turkey has no right to preach morality to anybody, but what Avalon did was so low, so immature that should simply be condemned. What is funny that the Israelis these days are even more sensitive than the hyper-sensitive Chinese: any criticism toward Israel is somehow labeled as an act of “anti-Semitism”. Yes, you are a Jew-hater! Gosh. Shut up and grow up please!

It is about time the American masters rein in their Israeli sidekicks

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