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Apparently some Indians need to grow up as well!

December 20, 2009

It seriously cracked me up when I read the part of Raja Murthy’s article which suggests that modern-day Asians, including the Han Chinese, originated in India, according to a recent genetic study. While not doubting the validity of the said report, I just find some Indians’ self-serving and self-fooling interpretation and their jubilation over this extremely juvenile and bordering insane. Sure it is possible that the ancestors of modern-day Asians did take the southern route, via southern India and southeastern Asia from Africa some 100,000 years ago, but to deliberately interpret the findings of the HUGO report as proof that “India was the motherland of Asia” or “The Chinese evolved from Indians” is just plain pathetic. There were no Indians 100,000 years ago. There were no Chinese either. There were simply some prehistoric humans moving in great numbers out of Africa and spreading all over the place into the Eurasian continent. India was simply one of the many stops out of Africa. Africa, not India, is the motherland of all humans, including Asians.

For some Indians to use the findings of the HUGO report as some sort of bragging right is to reflect nothing but their deep-seated inferiority complex and insecurity.

Now, will the Chinese, South Koreans and Indians please grow up?

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